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Glenvale Waste uses the latest technology in drain and sewer services. 

From a blocked drain to CCTV inspection we are proud of the fact that we are capable of completing any jobs regardless of difficulty or extent. All our personnel are trained in Confined Space Entry, Breathing Apparatus and CSR Certified. If you have an emergency call us on 44 (0)78 5194 3302.

We have the equipment, experience and skills to take on the most difficult septic tank and cess pool maintenance operations. We will process your waste materials economically and in line with good environmental practice. Working with you we can also ensure it is emptied and maintained to an agreed schedule. MORE>

We are an established drain and sewer cleaning company covering all of Northern Ireland, with an outstanding reputation for fast and efficient servicing of all drains in the residential and commercial properties. When it comes to cleaning drains, we have state of the art equipment and the expertise to solve any blockage, bad smells, slow water draining and flooding. MORE>

Sometimes a blocked drain can be caused by more than just a simple blockage. What may seem like a blocked drain at the time in actual fact could turn out to be a more serious problem, drains that are damaged could collapse and put yourself or your family at risk of flooding water or sewage. MORE>

A lot of the time a blocked drain can be cleared manually or with jetting tools. Sometimes the blockage can be more serious and requires CCTV to investigate and fix the issue. If you are concerned with a persistent fault in your drains, let us know we will carry out a full CCTV survey to identify the problem, available on CD for insurance claims also. MORE>

Interceptor Cleaning
Septic Tank/Bio Systems Emptying

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NI 028 37531831  or  ROI 01 969 7622

Powerwashing is the most cost effective method of restoring and maintaining a property overtime. It offers a double dividend and return on investment. Having a clean well kept appearance has long term advantages as well as maintaining the building surfaces. Glenvale safely restores and cleans almost any exterior commercial or residential surface using our efficient environmentally friendly cleaning agents and our state of the art cleaning equipment. MORE>

We at Glenvale Waste can provide a suitable size tanker to visit your site on a scheduled agreed rate frequency or as a one-off collection to empty the site interceptors of fuel or oil, contaminated water and silt. Full environmental paperwork will be provided on completion, helping you meet your environmental legislative “Duty of Care”. MORE>

Grease Separators are ideal for larger restaurants, hotels, large commercial food preparation sites, etc. where a grease separator should be considered to give additional volume. Traps and separators allow fats and grease to separate from water and allow their removal before the waste water enters the drainage system. The trap or separator is installed near the source of contamination.  MORE>

Glenvale Waste is a family run business that have introduced haulage to their expanding firm. Glenvale Waste has been operating for 20 years and the company has grown significantly, to now offer haulage services throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK & Europe.  MORE>