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Drain and Sewer RepairsSometimes a blocked drain can be caused by more than just a simple blockage. What may seem like a blocked drain at the time in actual fact could turn out to be a more serious problem, drains that are damaged could collapse and put yourself or your family at risk of flooding water or sewage.

Big Brute   Wet and Dry Industrial  Vacuum Cleaner  Here at Glenvale Waste we have the expertise to tackle the serious problems such as a damaged or collapsed drain, this in turn may require repairing or replacing the drain, we can carry out this service promptly and efficiently as possible.

We also use a Big Brute Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner to clean up sewage from outside properties and for cleaning up under floor flooding. It can also be used for cleaning workshop floors.

We will offer you a quotation before we carry out any work and the cost for anything over and above a straight forward blockage is usually covered by your building insurance.


Relining is an alternative to digging if pipes can not be fixed in difficult access.

The relining work can be carried out from manhole and does not require excavation Can be carried out under extension of houses to seal up rat holes , cracks and holes in pipes.