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Grease Problem in Cookstown

Job description: Blocked Manholes caused by large amounts of grease 

Street Address: Cookstown 

Problems/Solutions: When you pour hot grease down your drain, the grease sticks to the inside of the pipe.  While many people believe that running hot water down the drain can alleviate the problem, they are wrong.  Eventually, the pipes and grease will cool causing the grease to stick to pipe's surfaces.  It may take a while, but slowly and surely, grease will block up your entire pipe, leaving you with a drainage maintenance disaster on your hands.  And just like the healthcare costs of fixing clogged arteries, fixing clogged drains can cost you! If at all possible, try to dispose of your grease in a jar or a container. Your pipes will thank you.


Blocked manholes in Armagh

Job description: Blocked Manholes 

Street Address: Armagh

Problems/Solutions: When we flush materials down our toilets and sinks, we sometimes don't think were it all goes! Unfortunately our sewers know all about it! When the sewers become full of wipes and grease it causes a serious blockage, causing toilets to block up, smells to emerge from sinks and overflows of raw sewage from manholes. Thankfully with the help of our powerful jetting equipment we can jet the lines clear and remove materials leaving sewers able to operate smoothly.



Jetvac and Desilt Works in Lurgan

Description: Desilting sewers in Lurgan            


Street Address: Lurgan  


Problems/Solutions:  Gullies are designed to remove surface water from roads and paved areas. However, they can become blocked with leaves, stones, and other items which prevent the flow of water from the gully drain. A blocked gully can lead to serious flooding, accidents and damage to road and paved area. With the aid of our High Pressure Jetvac Tanker we can jet drains and gullies clear from any blockages and desilt the line.


Blocked manhole and sewage Warringstown

Description: Blocked manhole and sewage over spill caused by wet wipes

Street Address: The Granary Warringstown

Problems/Solutions: Many of us are still under the impression that wet wipes such as baby wipes, facial or toilet wipes are flushable. Unfortunately, they are not! Unlike toilet paper they do not dissolve as quick causing the sewers to be blocked with many other substances/objects. With the help of our efficient staff we were able jet the lines clear at the property and remove wipes and stones from the blocked manhole, clean up and disinfect the area affected.